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self service car washing machine station

Product class:Self Service Car Washer

Release date:2024-5-22 10:28:41

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Product introduction:

Coin , IC card: can cast coins, or brush stored value cards on IC card area, then the amount 

display area will shows the amount of inputs or the remaining sum inside card; If the water out 

of supply ,the coin couldn't get in the machine.

Begin to wash the car:Rotate the function knob to the needed washing function of the position, 

open the spray gun, the pump starts to work, wash car's surface; Close the gun, the pump automatic 

stop, do not produce cost. Factory Settings swipe with holding 5 RMB, about 25L water, swipe 

again, the balance that not consumption automatically returns to the IC cards. Need different 

functional can rotate , adjust knob, quick and easy.


Features of Self Service Car Washing Machine:

1. Foam sprinkling system

2. Vaccum clean function

3. High pressure water system.

4. Hot-dip galvanized frame

5. Small area occupied.

6. The carefully and precisely car washing

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