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Product series


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  • 360° Touchless Car Wash Machine

hot sales 360 degree non contact car washing equipment

Product class:360° Touchless Car Wash Machine

Release date:2024-5-22 10:28:9

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Product introduction:

automatic 360 car washing machine

Parameters of Ratoro 360 degreecontactless automaticcar washing machine

  Major function

  Program Automation

  Car wash liquor spray

  Shampoo spray

  High pressure flushing

  Water shortage alarm

  Lack of car wash liquidalarm

  Lack of shampoo alarm

  Automatic proportioning

  Rights Management

  Energy saving system

  Frequency conversion system

  Water pressure adjustment

  Intelligent anti shake

  Electronic anti collision

  Mechanical collision avoidance

  Vehicle commander inspection

  Fault self test

  Counting function

  Process LED display

  Chassis flushing

  Mobile air drying

  Smart payment (WeChat Alipay)

  Smart license plate recognition payment (including WeChat Alipay)


  Usage voltage/power:380V/7.5KW

  Controller PLC and program:Ratoro

  Water pump:PINEL from Germany

  Relay/AC contactor:Schneider from France

  Flushing pressure:50-100 kg pressure

  Water consumption for car washing:90-200L water volume

  Installation dimensions (Length*width*height):6.3m*3.2m*3.2m

  Vehicle backing space (Length*width*height):7m*4m*3.3m

  Vehicle throughing space (Length*width*height):8m*6m*3.3m

  Machine room requirements (customer equipped):Machine room area: 2*3M, three-phase electricity: 7.5KW, with three-phase four-wire leakage 100A electric switch, and the ground wire is less than 4 A. Water: 6 water inlet pipes. Gas: Equipped with 3KV air compressor

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